I'm an MGUH resident/fellow and am asked for a @georgetown.edu or @gunet.georgetown.edu email address to sign up for a DML provided resource (BoardVitals, Refworks).  I don't think I was issued either type of email address.


MGUH residents and fellows are issued an @gunet.georgetown.edu email address by MedStar and these email addresses are accepted for DML resource signups.   
MGUH residents and fellows are generally not issued @georgetown.edu emails. 

Your specific email address can be found within your New Innovations profile and often follows the same format as your @medstar.net email address. 
For example, john.dahlgren@medstar.net would have a corresponding email of  john.dahlgren@gunet.georgetown.edu.
The @gunet email account is an “alias” address which means that email sent to that address is automatically forwarded to your medstar.net address. There is no additional setup needed for the email to be forwarded.