I am a Georgetown University Medical Center/MedStar Georgetown University Hospital affiliate and need access to Dahlgren Memorial Library's electronic resources, what should I do?

To access library online resources, you must have a Georgetown University NetID and password. Georgetown NetIDs are automatically assigned, unique electronic identifiers for each authorized user at Georgetown. If you do not know your Georgetown University NetID and password, please contact the Information Services Desk during operating hours. 

The Information Services Desk staff can help to identify your Georgetown University NetID, but only University Information Services can reset your password.

If you have a Georgetown University NetID, but are unsure about your password, please contact University Information Services: https://uis.georgetown.edu/netid-passwords. Be sure to inform the University Information Services staff that you want help with your Georgetown University NetID. 

I am a Georgetown University affiliate and I have lost my Georgetown University GOCard, can I still enter the library?

Georgetown University affiliates must present a current government issued photo ID, such as a driver’s license, and an Information Services Desk staff member will register you in the Georgetown University patron log. You must have your Georgetown University GOCard when the Information Services Desk is closed. If you do not have any form of ID then you cannot enter the library.

Where is the closest mailbox?

The closest mailbox is outside the Pasquerilla Health Center building.

How do I place a DML book on hold?

Go to our website (dml.georgetown.edu) and click on DML Catalog. Search for the book that you want to place on hold. Once you found the book, click on the book title. At the bottom of the page, click on "Request a DML Book" (https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfGSj10D2rJKZlULOockLPmRPWeM3a0BFvVfOuTiYQv0yNWgw/viewform). Only Dahlgren Memorial Library affiliates can request books through this form. Main campus/law affiliates can request books through their home library interlibrary loan service. Only 28-day-books can be requested and you will receive an email notification when the book is ready for pickup.

It is noisy in the study room next to me, what should I do?

Noise is self-regulating. Please talk to the individual about their noise levels.

I am a Georgetown Main or Law Center affiliate, may I use the Dahlgren Memorial Library online resources?

All Georgetown affiliates may use the online resources provided by DML. However, remote access to some resources is available only to those persons affiliated with the Medical Center. In those cases, please come into the DML Library to access (open 24 hours/7 days/365 days of the year) from the lobby computers or check the Law Center Library or Main Campus Library to see if remote access to the resource is provided via those web sites.

Can I submit a request to the library to buy a book?

Please go to the following link and complete the Suggest a Purchase form: https://dml.georgetown.edu/suggest-a-purchase.

How do I access resources from off campus?

You will be prompted for your Georgetown University NetID and password when you click on the first resource through our website.

How much for copying/printing?

Dahlgren has black/white and color printers connected to the computers in the lobby and in the BACC (on the Lower Level). With your GOCard, black/white printing costs 5¢ for duplex (double-sided pages); 10¢ for simplex (single-sided pages); and color printing costs 20¢ per page.

Non-GOCard holders can get a printing/copying card at the GOCard deposit machine in the Leavey Center.

BACC computer classroom is cold, what can be done?

Unfortunately, Dahlgren Memorial Library has no control over the temperatures in the library.

Where are your print journals?

DML is a 99% online library and thus does not own print journals. The DML Journal Finder is a listing of all journals provided by DML. Many journals are available electronically from the first published volume.

Where can I get food?

Please refer to this link for a list of on-campus food options: https://www.hoyaeats.com/

How do I locate journals owned by the library?

Go to our website (dml.georgetown.edu). Under Quick Resources, click on Journal Finder (https://dml.tdnetdiscover.com/) and search by journal title. This is where you can find journals owned electronically by Dahlgren Memorial Library.

Which items are available to check out overnight/over the weekend?

Please refer to the Loan Periods and Overdue fines through our Access webpage: http://dml.georgetown.edu/access.

How do I print?

You must have a GOCard in order to print. If you do not have a GOCard, you may purchase a guest GOCard through the GOCard machine in the Leavey Center. Once you are ready to print, select a printer, and you will be prompted to enter your Georgetown University NetID at the computer you are using. If you do not have a NetID then you can enter the last 5 digits of your guest GOCard. Then you will go to the Pharos and swipe your card in the swipe card device. You will click on their document that you want to print and click Print. The document will print at the printer that you selected.

Where can I get stamps?

Postage stamps, mailing materials, labels, envelopes, and boxes may be purchased from the book store in the Leavey Center or the nearest USPS located at 1215 31st Street, NW, Washington, DC 20007-3423.

Can I store my personal belongings at the Information Services Desk?

No, Dahlgren Memorial Library is not responsible for personal belongings.

I am a Georgetown University Medical Center affiliate and I would like to fax my documents.

Faxing is available for free at the Information Services Desk for GU/MGUH patrons. You must present your GU/MGUH ID. Faxing services are not available for international locations.

Dahlgren Memorial Library is not responsible for errors in faxing due to poor image quality, problems on receiving end, incorrect numbers, etc. DML will make 3 attempts to fax documents. Failure may be caused by wrong number or it was busy at the time. Dahlgren Memorial Library does not receive confirmation that the document went through so DML recommends that patrons contact the person who is receiving the document. DML does not receive faxes.

Do you have calculators?

No. The bookstore in the Leavey Center sells calculators.

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